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Garage Products was started in 1999 for the extreme BMX and BMX racing crowd. Kids kill bikes. I saw what my own son was going through to keep his bikes in parts from week to week. Being a machinist I looked at what they had and began to make higher quality parts . I now have my own hobby which is atv’s and utv’s which suffer from the same fatigue.

Being frustrated with the low quality plastics and cheap metals being used , I once again took matters into my own hands by building long lasting parts that are far superior than stock. We Are a family run business with our own small shop where all of our parts are designed, manufactured , and test fitted with pride. All material we use are of the highest quality and tested on our personal machines before they are ever offered to the public. We offer Limited lifetime warranty on most of our parts .All parts are manufactured,assembled and shipped "in house " in the USA .

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